Soteroula Christou

Dr Soteroula Christou

Superior Medical Officer, Administrator, Nicosia Thalassaemia Centre, Archbishop Makarios III Hospital

I am a clinician and the Superior Medical Officer/Administrator of the Nicosia Thalassaemia Centre at the Archbishop Makarios III Hospital. I have extensive experience, for 26 years, in the clinical management of haemoglobinopathies. I oversee all aspects of care for patients with β-thalassaemia, haemoglobin H disease, and heterozygous and homozygous individuals bearing variant haemoglobins. I participate in a number of research projects. My main research interest include chelation therapy, gene therapy for thalassaemia, genotype/phenotype correlations , treatment of osteoporosis. Education activities include training and teaching to medical students and other health professionals in the field of haemoglobinopathies.

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